The Dirty War On The NHS : Separate Thread For MAXIMUM Exposure ... And A Sticky?

The Dirty War on the National Health Service ?

Essential viewing for anyone reading the main NHS thread ( Link above ) … so much of it … from the opening hospital discharge dumping … is relevant :
Thanks to Honey Badger … and DON’T enjoy , merely feel incredulous ?

No reader shocked by what they have viewed ?

DELAYED until after the General Election … what a surprise … and a relief for some ???

Yes. Just viewed it last night. Very true what was presented on the US system. If we think things are bad now, just wait!

Yep … now FIVE whole years for the dismantling to continue.

What’s next ?

All care homes to be in private hands … thus relieving the LAs of that burden ???

( Any notion of care to come second to profit ??? )

Charities to be given further tax breaks in exchange for " Honouring " that gagging order on Government policy ?

Profit wins over care when those management consultants arrive. Oh, they’re already here!

In many ways , view the NHS as an ailing business.

Any predator would be looking at the profitable parts … supplies mainly , drugs and medications and out sourcing opportunities … that’s where the real danger lies.

They will not interested in OUR NHS as a whole.

As for the USA Insurance giants … that’s where the GREEN PAPER ON SOCIAL CARE comes in.

Tremendous pressure to get some form of insurance scheme going.

( Again , that word PROFIT … before the only real solution … recombining and funding through general taxation ??? )

Then , for at least 14 million or so surviving below the official Poverty Line , that really could be " Goodnight Vienna " … ?

( That Unholy Trinity of ours … to transform into the Four Horsemen … eat / heat / roof … and now … stamp ? )

None of this helped by the UK electorate … like turkeys voting for Christmas ???

( What was on offer by all and sundry was the worst in my memory. )

Mmmm … only one review from readers ?

Probably the most important tv documentary on the NHS for a decade.

Still available on the ITV web site.

It really is compulsive viewing !