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I would like to share my experiences and exchange thoughts.

Dementia is becoming more common in many people regardless of age or not. In many cases, this situation causes many inconveniences, even a decrease in the results of study and work. It can even lead to an increased risk of chronic dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are 6 causes of dementia that many people often suffer.

1. Lack of sleep

This is arguably the most common cause of dementia in many people. Not only that, lack of sleep or frequent poor quality sleep can cause you to easily change your mood, worse than depression.

2. Drug side effects
Medications such as sedatives, antidepressants, blood pressure medications and others can have many negative effects on a person’s memory. Most often, the most common side effect is confusion in the patient’s perception. That can make it difficult to pay attention or focus on something.

Each patient’s body will have a different ability to respond to treatment. If you suspect that your medications are causing dementia, talk to your doctor about alternatives. Alternative medicine must be consulted and directed by a doctor. Patients should not arbitrarily change the drug or dosage used to avoid negative health consequences.

3. Disorders of the thyroid gland
A thyroid disorder can affect memory as it causes symptoms of sleep disturbance and depression. Both of these symptoms are common causes of dementia. If you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and still have frequent sleep disturbances and forgetfulness, go to the hospital to ask for a blood test to check for thyroid disease.

4. Abuse of alcohol and beer
Drinking too much alcohol will damage your memory, even when you are no longer drunk. There are no specific standards for a reasonable drink level because each person has different absorption and elimination abilities. But health experts recommend that you should not drink more than 2 glasses of beer / day (for men) and no more than 1 beer / day (for women).

5. Stress and anxiety
Anything that causes you to lose focus and cannot remember is considered to be the cause of dementia. In particular, stress and anxiety are two of the many factors that affect your memory negatively.

6. Depression, depression
Symptoms of depression such as sadness, chronic depression, loss of concentration or decreased pleasure in achieving the results you once wanted will contribute to memory loss over time. Forgetting can be a sign of depression, it can also be a consequence.

6 causes of dementia mentioned above, most of them can be controlled. If amnesia is bothering your life too much, go to the hospital to have your doctor check your condition and diagnose the cause. Most likely, your amnesia will be significantly improved by just getting more sleep or by reducing stress.

My husband didn’t have lack of sleep. Neither was he a man who had depressive tendencies. Sadly he still suffered vascular dementia.