The Big PowerOff Energy Protest

When is the Big Power Off? Britons urged to ‘go dark’ in protest against soaring energy bills

'This silent protest is ALREADY making IMPACT on profits, is getting some media coverage, it is on Facebook & is SPREADING VIRALLY!

Next one is on SATURDAY, 16TH, 7pm for 10 mins!’

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A minor observation, at 7pm it isn’t dark now, it is still daylight, sunset ranges from 1950-2030 hrs around the UK mainland. There won’t be much to switch off it will only be the tv/computer that is switched off. I doubt the effort or the will to switch off fridges and freezers will be made.

With the increase in utility costs, many people are already switching things off and cutting down their consumption of gas and electric already voting with their feet against using it in a rethink of what they actually need or cutting it down to the bare minimum they can afford to use - switching central heating off.
Many people are facing heat or eat crisis.

I’m guessing participants will power up their laptops ahead of this so they can carry on watching tv or playing their games etc without the mains power, which in turn is a self defeating and hypocritical act because they have extracted power in readiness so they might as well not bother and carry on using the power. So there could be a pre power surge for that.

What about power surges when everyone switches back on? Will it be more than a nation putting the kettle on after a major sporting event on the tv - will the national grid be able to cope with it?
Power could be cut to catering establishments who cannot afford to lose the business with the cost of living crisis and zero hours staff will lose an evenings pay which they cannot afford.

What if it causes power outages and life dependent oxygen machines and other devices are without power and those people die? is that not murder or manslaughter? It is a deliberate act with brutal consequences if it causes power cuts.
Emergency care call devices could be knocked out of action and a person could fall/be in an emergency and their button not working, again could lead to death.

I am doing it my own way, a solar charger for my phone, solar light for outside, solar/wind up radio, solar security lights, a solution that many cannot afford but I am looking at affordable alternatives for myself. It is a longer lasting one removing those power needs from the grid and a safer one for those who could be badly affected by a power outage from a bad surge effect to the grid.
I’ve also cut my hair from long to a short style to save on water and electricity for the environment when washing it and using less products saving on consumer demand and production costs to the environment and I use vegan products and I am sourcing products now that are PETA and environment friendly. Far more effective.

If Putin presses the red button we’ll be nuked anyway and won’t have to worry about it.

Good luck with that on Easter weekend!