Sunflower lanyards

How wonderful are sunflower lanyards?

My daughter has had one since they first came out but has refused to ever wear one.

We are back from a holiday to Corfu, me and hubby and daughter and her partner.
For some reason only known to herself she decided to wear it this time. I didn’t realise until we joined the queue at the airport and then I saw a Special Assistance desk and went over and asked. A very nice man asked if I had requested special assistance. i said I hadn’t as I didn’t realise we had to but would make sure I did so another time.

He said “follow me” and whisked the 4 of us though a separate door and right to the front of the security desk where we were through in minutes. He then said he would come and find us in a little while which he did and took us on to the plane with a man in a wheelchair before everybody else! It was brilliant.

A week later we got to the airport in Corfu, lanyard on again and people queuing outside in baking sunshine as inside was completely full. reps were outside too and I asked a TUI rep whether the lanyard could be used and she escorted us inside, in front of loads of people queuing and straight to the special assistance desk. It was brilliant and saved so much anxiety and upset from her.


Oh wow thats fabulous. Thank you for letting us know, Did you have a lovely time?


They are useful, aren’t they? My youngest (37) has one but doesn’t use it often. But when he does, it’s really useful for him, too.

How lovely to have such positive experiences with it! That must have made the travel so much easier.

Did they ask you any questions about her needs (not her conditions which they’re obviously not supposed to do but in terms of how can we actually help you)?

I hope you had a lovely time while you were there. I would SO love to have a holiday right now - or a pool in the back garden!