Strength Review

I had from my LA. A couple of weeks ago, the Social worker I spoke to told me that my brother, who I look after should be getting more care, and me more paid nights. She escalated the case.

Good news?

I got a call today from another social worker who told me that if we take my brothers package to panel, we would be risking it getting cut.

Also if I requested any more paid nights, he could go to a home.

She also noted that his package is “big”

I don’t live with him, and get paid two nights a week - but pretty much do seven.

I phoned her manager and said I felt rather threatened - I have now received a mail from her tell me that she will do a strength based review.

Should I be worried - I have bad experience with my LA, so I’m obviously a bit paranoid.

Can they cut his care? What is a strength based review? It is only me and him, both our parents are deceased

Thanks In advance

That’s disgraceful behaviour!!

It is the responsibility for the social worker to do a FULL reassessment, and then put her case forward. You might like to point out to her that “panels” have been deemed to be “unlawful” as they “fetter the discretion” of those involved.
However, I would request that the SW arranges for an NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment. Have a look at the CHC “Framework” especially the “checklist assessment”.

What is CHC?

We’ve had an NHS assessment where it was deemed that the LA find his package.

What is a strength based review?

Thank you

CHC = Continuing Healthcare.
If his needs have increased since the last one, then they must do a new CHC assessment.
Were you given a copy of the checklist and decision for the first one?
If not, ask for a copy.

Hi Gutpreet,
I didn’t know either but found this

Although it’s written for a particular council, it explains the principles.


Before the assessment write a list of everything you do for your brother.

Were you given a copy of the checklist?