Social services assessments what to expect

Hi can anyone tell me what they are going to do, mum has been under the enablement team and now has 1 visit per day, which seems to be helping, even though she refuses them, will not let them do anything, but they can check she has taken her medication which comes from an automated box, but she still needs prompting to take them, her flat was full of medication it was everywhere before this system was in place, she takes about 20 different drugs and inhalers 2 times a day. But now they want to hand her over to social services and I do not know what to expect.

Carol, has mum been in hospital?

Usually the reablement team do the first 6 weeks and then hand over to SSD if ongoing care is needed.
Write down everything mum needs help with, INCLUDING all the things you do for her, as well as the carers.
Is she claiming Attendance Allowance? Exemption from Council Tax? This can be backdated to the day of diagnosis!!!

Yes she has been in 3 times lately, the time before last was when we were called in, she came out yesterday from the last visit there with cellulitis in her foot. We are not sure she has a proper diagnosis we are trying to get her notes, we me and my sister are POA’s, but they are being difficult with us regarding copies of her medical records.

We cannot get her a proper diagnosis at the moment as the department for that is closed due to COVID 19.

Not sure if you know but just been told that the government has given councils extra funding until the end of the pandemic, and new cases will not have to pay for care until the end of it. Just been told this.

Mum gets Attendance allowance at lower rate, because of COPD

Maybe it’s time to review that. As people get older needs increase, there is now confusion, the need for daily paid carers, and now there is the cellulitis to consider, because if you’ve had it once, it’s likely to return. I know from personal experience!
Don’t forget the Council Tax exemption.

Thank you