Severe allergic asthma

My son is almost 14yrs old and has uncontrolled allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, not enough room to list all allergys. We are self isolateing I have never felt so alone.

Hi Helen

Sorry you feeling really low. You need to link up with people who could perhaps. Give you a call in the day.

Are you attached to any carers groups in your area.

There is help for everyone. No one needs to feel alone.

Is your son getting support for him as a teenager. Local carers groups can also help. Match him to like minded peers. This is turn could help by giving you some me time.

Hi Helen,
sorry to hear you feel so alone. This lockdown situation isn’t easy is it?! Especially if you are self-isolating. At least S and I can go walking (though my knees could really do with a day off!)

Have you tried contacting your local mutual aid group
They have volunteers who do befriending phone calls.

S and I faceTime different people each day which helps. A friend of ours is doing Pilates via zoom.


Hi Helen

I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling alone. As well as the suggestions from sunnydisposition and Melly1, you could also request a telephone call from a Carers UK Caring Caller volunteer (see post below that was posted by Lizzie last week).

If you would like to receive a call from one of our volunteers, please email or just let me know within this topic.

Wishing you and your son well