I finally decided to look into Carers Allowance and the criteria needed in order to claim it… what a joke!
I look after both my parents, they do have 4x care calls a day , but, obviously things like Dad being put in his wheelchair so he can get to his books and taken outside for fresh air etc are not covered. Mum won’t let carers bath her so I do that and just generally so many things that are too many to list but important for them being able to stay at home.
Apparently because I’m widowed and receive Widowed Parents Allowance I am not eligible for Carers Allowance… SERIOUSLY…talk about kicking someone when there down… the amount of money it actually costs those of us that have the compassion to do what ever we can for our parents is amazing, it all adds up . You would think that the care crisis this country is in the government would support us but no!!
Basically… you can only be recognised as one… either widowed or a Carer… real world, I’m both!!

Carers are serviant to their carees … and to the system.

Been that way for generations.

Some call us a slave army … perhaps a serviant army more closer … if only by splitting hairs ?