Second post: County Council responsibilities


This is my second post.
I’m wondering if anyone has experience dealing with Surrey County Council about a safeguarding issue re my mother?
There is an open case for her based on my brother(s) taking/holding on to her money, and I have been pursuring the matter through a solicitor.
SCC say they have a legal liability and duty of care to be imformed, but I don’t know if they will take over the process of trying to recoup the money to extricate me and my mother from the process as it is proving very stressful indeed.

I also wonder if there are any support meetings going on anyweher that I could attend, cos I am going a bit crazy holding on to all this stuff.
Pls PM me is relevant.

Thanks S-N

Have a look at the LA website. I’m sure there are official deadlines for meetings etc.

Thank you.