School lockdown drills for SEND pupils

hi, has anone come across the schools doing “lockdowns” for wild animals escaping or similar where SEND have special consideration or been effected by it?
our carers network is discussing it and wanted to know how others deal with it.

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Hi Liam, I used to teach in a special school and we had lockdown protocols in place. As staff we knew what to action and my teaching assistants and I had a ‘lockdown kit’ that we made up just in case.

As it happened, we were subjected to a hoax terror attack (which us and the police thought was real) and we had to action our plans.

However, we never put the children through lockdown drills.

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We tested with weekly fire alarm drills. The only fire alarm is hidden in a cupboard that is accessed by staff members. In order to test it someone does that on Monday morning once a week to check that yes it works. She makes notes.