Reached my limit

My daughter is 24. was diagnosed with BPD at 16. she can be so lovely to others but for some reason she hates me. I am the only person who has stuck by her. (Her Dad abandoned her). I have had years of emotional abuse from her. She insults me, has attacked me several times. Yet I am the one who has fought for her. I am the one who calls the ambulance when she tries to kill herself. I am there when she wakes up. I’m the one that makes sure that we don’t have enough of any medicine in the house to be a lethal dose if she takes them.

I am traumatised by what I’ve seen, what I’ve had to do, and the way I have to think.
I can’t do it anymore.

you have stood by your daughter all this time and it has taken it’s toll on you. She no doubt lashes out at you as you are closest to her and she knows you will take it.

Time to put yourself first, before you become really ill. Time to be her Mum and not her carer. Also time for her to start taking some responsibility, which she doesn’t have to do if you are always there.

Which professionals are involved in her care?

There information on getting accommodation on Mind