Re-applying for Carers, how do i go about Income Support?

Hi, prior to September i was caring for my Dad, receiving Carers Allowance and an Income support top up, Then in September I got a seasonal job to get some money for Christmas, while my grandad took over the caring role, without applying for any benefits, I got laid off on the 23/11 and my P45 And last payslip came today so I have applied for carers as unfortunately i couldn’t just re-open the case. How do i go about applying for the income support top up? as last time I waited until i was already a carer but was unable to have the top up backdated. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Sean.

Nowhere better than the Government web site :

Income Support: Overview - GOV.UK


Income Support : How to claim.

Quite a bit more on that page and the links leading off to further information.

The fun will begin if Universal Credit has been rolled out on your manor.

Post code checker :

Thanks, do I need to have my carers claim accepted first?

Answer should be in that link … freephone numbers provided.

I assume present level of benefits will be reduced by the level of CA … when that kicks in ?

Or , are you living off past earnings waiting for a new range of benefits to be approved before they reach a dangerously low level ?

Online benefits calculator :

Yeah i am currently just living off my last paycheck, I had to wait until i received my P45 and last payslip to apply for Carers Allowance.