Pop-up food business

Hi, my question is to do with understanding the real time financial threshold/s I am allowed to entertain/earn before real world financial impact.

Any specific experience/pointers/advice welcome.

Bit of context:

I am wondering if anyone on here has any first hand advice on navigating setting oneself up as a sole trader for ad-hoc (pop-up) food events. I am finding it difficult to ascertain the current requirements regarding the process/s nuances required to transition to managing a viable business in relation to caring for someone f/t. (subject to having all the correct permits etc)

I am aware I can earn upto £128 pw without it effecting carers allowance. I do not seek to avoid being legit but am curious as to the financial parameters relating to U/C and other entitlements I am in receipt of, help with rent and C/tax etc. I don’t expect to earn much if a profit at all for a while, so just wondering whether I can set-up as a sole trader, with industry standard level 3 food hygiene cert. (which I already have, alongside ppl insurance etc) as some seem to suggest, and submit yearly earnings as normal without it effecting my current finances as long as it does not exceed threshold/s

I am more than slightly cautious as to dealing with DWP (notifying them of any changes) having witnessed first hand the way in which they treated my elderly mother (and many others like her) whom were just short of being killed off by the whole PIP system ‘scandal’ that stated they were fit for work when they were and have not been for years.

Though thankfully since been vindicated through years of exhausting battling with them/I had to personally relocate to deal with the fallout from this and take up a caring role alongside successfuly fighting her case on her behalf. She had two silent heart attacks on the back of the stress all this caused.

Ps. My mother is in a much more stable situation prior to the situation highlighted above. Many didn’t survive this.

Sorry for the rant but the fear is real. I just want to mitigate any unnecessary issues, ie; Loss of income, etc. as already feeling the pinch of rising energy/food costs etc.



Hi Rob,

I suggest you contact the helpline:

Our telephone Helpline is available on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or you can contact us by email (> advice@carersuk.org> )

or the Citizen’s Advice Bureau

who can talk it all through with you.