Please Help! I'm developing a short film about being a carer

My name is Alice Wallis and I am the writer of ‘Disordered’. A film that showcases the truthful struggles of caring for someone you love who has an eating disorder.

I am currently crowdfunding for donations in order to get this film made:

The film, which is based on true events, means a great deal to me and is something that I wish to share with others in the hope that they’ll find comfort and affirmation in my experience and in the knowledge that they’re not alone. While there is a growing amount of awareness and materials that focus on mental health and eating disorders, during my own experience, I found that there was little support or openness for friends/family members of the affected. Understandably, there are some media TV/films that tackle this subject, from the perspective of the person suffering from the eating disorder. However, I’ve often found that these provide a ‘glamourized’ version of events. Or more often than not, have a guaranteed happy ending…

I personally feel like it’s important to show the good and the bad sides of a family going through something like having a child with an eating disorder. The highs and the devastating lows which can be caused and felt by anyone in the family.
As someone who was indirectly affected by an eating disorder, I found there was a huge pressure to be ‘perfect’, to never say anything wrong or feel anything that could be detrimental because I knew the results could be catastrophic.
Through this storytelling I want others like me to see and understand that it’s ok to mess up, it’s ok to feel angry, upset, alone and lost, even while doing your best to try and help a person in your life recover from an eating disorder or other mental illness.

Please do support if you’re able, otherwise do share my story and the link to anyone who may be interested!

We are not alone.

Thanks so much,