Ping pong budgeting social services vs nhs

Today we went through a 3 hour meeting to assess Ros for NHS Continued funding. This was instigated by Social Services. I had read the forms and said that it would not apply. But they went ahead with the assessment. As predicted the decision was Ros’ codition did not qualify. So 6 man hours of NHS and Social Services to achieve nothing. Is it any wonder that funding is short when the system plays budget ping pong :astonished:

I an relate to this. My Dad “ping ponged” in and out of funding for the final 2 years of his life. In his last 12 months of his life I think I attended 6 meetings regarding the funding of his care! He had a progressive illness which certainly not getting better so hard to see how he could sometimes qualify, sometimes not! The systems is broken and a farce. Sorry you had to go through this for your wife as I personally found the whole process fairly distressing, picking apart the details of just how ill the patient is.

I had this. ’ managed needs ’ are the buzz words. Fought with everything I had and ’ won’, for want of a better phrase. The nursing home manage so well (says me bitterly), that they are refusing some simple training at the hospital, and are refusing to have him back.

Sorry you are experiencing this now. I am waiting to hear back from my social service department regarding my complaint about a flaky unprofessional and unhelpful carer who is working for me. Hopefully you’ll have some relief soon. Plus answers. In many parts of the country social services are either brilliant or terrible. Keep contacting your local department to chase things up. There are good social workers out there.