Physiotherapist for advanced dementia sufferers

Hi my wife has advanced dementia was fairly mobile with help, she fell out of bed paramedics insisted she needed to go to hospital after 8 hrs strapped to board in ambulance. She wasn’t in very good condition when she was eventually seen so was kept in. When she was discharged she is virtually immobile with perseverance my daughter has got some movement back in to her arms. But I find it difficult to carry on to keep gain that she has achieved my question is can I get private physio that understands dementia to do daily visits and how do I find one.

Round here, some Physios and OTs are all part of the District Nurse team, it might pay to give them a call, or contact her GP.

Hi Colin,

as your wife was kept in the hospital, she is entitled to free rehab treatment now she has been discharged. This should include treatment from the Community physios. I would try this first - they should be used to treating people with dementia. She will probably respond better now she is in familiar surroundings. How long did they keep her in for? Also check she has been referred to the Falls Clinic - they specialise in preventing falls happening again through providing adaptions and strengthening exercises.


How long was she in for?
Did she have a brain scan to check the progress of her dementia, or talk to you about her prognosis?
Did she just trip over something, or fall because there was a medical issue, like a mini stroke?