Petition to hold a referendum on Net Zero

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Petition: Hold a referendum on whether to keep the 2050 net zero target

Rather than signing this I feel it would be much better use of time to focus on ensuring a just transition to net zero for us carers.

As a first step it would be great if Carers UK or another organisation could carry out a survey of carers views on climate change. This could help identify any issues impacting carers in different ways to non-carers, and then help target policies.

The referendum on Net Zero is nothing of the kind. It’s simply asking people to deny the existence of climate change and to do nothing about it.

There’s a lot I’d like to say about it, but I’d better not. But I do find it galling that someone who can’t even get himself elected wants to influence our politics.

Climate Change - the REAL inconvenient truth: Scientist claims global warming is NATURAL

For starters, a lot of the stuff we use is disposal and very much not environmentally friendly - disposable gloves, for example. We get through quite a few of those. Then there are dressings, etc.

Agree. I’m sure we all want to do the right thing to help reach net zero, but there are barriers to us doing so. When we are already have a number of pressures to deal through caring, these can particularly hard to overcome in my view. Dealing with disposable materials is a great example. We get through a lot here. I feel disempowered to change that, though would desperately like to see that change. How to make it happen? What other areas areas do we need to look at in reducing our carbon footprint? big questions, and not enough time!

For anyone considering looking at the story in the link, or who has done so, I’d ask them to bear in mind that 234 world leading scientists and their teams read 14,000+ research papers to create the most recent international climate change in 2021, which was then agreed by all Governments around the world, whereas, on the other hand, the above link is one story in The Express from 2017. More to the point it is not at all clear what the article has to do with caring or carers.

Agreed, Francis.
Right, and here’s an article examining the value of the Mail article - also dated 2017.