Petition: Make a UK law requiring all establishments to accept cash

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Signed and shared. Thank you and I agree.

I am inclined to agree with this petition. Here is my example:

After the main COVID era, I returned to a university campus by car, with cash in pocket to pay for parking, only to find they had set up a discriminatory, unethical and privacy invading payment system for the car parks for which there was no means for me to pay.

The vehicle registration number was logged automatically with no warning. To pay for parking you needed to:

  • possess a luxury item, namely a mobile ‘smart’ phone
  • have an appropriate account with a mobile telecommunications provider to access a website
  • have a bank account
  • agreement to install banking software on your device
  • be setup with some online or mobile banking system to make a payment
  • permission of the vehicle owner to provide the vehicle registration number to be entered into a database of a third party organisation

Thus having your privacy invaded by providing all these organisations with your whereabouts and activities.

Computer Science may be included in my education and interests, but the only reason I have a mobile phone is because I inherited it, I’ve no great reason to own one otherwise - it does not have an active mobile account.

I spent an hour making enquiries around the campus on how I could pay, but to no avail, I had to leave without paying and was in fear the vehicle owner (the person I cared for) would be fined for non payment because no alternative payment system was provided, thankfully there was no penalty.