Petition for Live-In Carers

Do not get me wrong, I love my job. But often I feel like there is not much acknowledgment or care for live-in carers. I feel like we are expected to be robots and not humans. I do not have any time to focus on myself or my issues. It is like we are not meant to have issues or support. I am struggling financially and therefore I can not afford to take a break. I am also homeless as I came out of a DA refuge straight into this line of work because it not only helped me get some finances but also assisted with a roof over my head. I feel it is unfair that Live-in carers will not get paid unless they are in placement. I also know we work with vulnerable adults, and they come first. But I feel like I do not exist like I said before - we are just meant to be robots…work 7 days a week to get money. We do tasks such as admin, reception/PA, medical things, cleaning, cooking, and security. And I feel we do so much, and put in so much effort and time and do not get paid a fair amount for our work. If I take a break, I do not have enough funds to pay for a roof over my head and to survive the days that I won’t work. Who does one speak to about justice for Live-in carers? We are also human, we also have issues and problems and are vulnerable in certain ways. We face the same things any human would and we also need a break, where we could still get paid. In every other position in the UK, you get the weekend off or at least a day off. 7 days a week and not much pay and to only get paid if you are in a placement - I think we need more recognition and credit. We do a lot, injure ourselves and put ourselves last to make sure our clients are taken care of. Who is out there to care for us??? I do not have anyone in the UK to be able to just go stay with them and live off them when I am not in placement. I really wish there was a way to get this to government and wish they would review rights and credits to live-in carers. We are not machines, we are humans!

Hi Andy,

most of us are live in carers and do it for free!! This is because we care for family members and friends.

I think you need to get support from other paid carers…

Carers Uk is for those caring for family and friends.


This is a forum for unpaid family carers.