Personal Health Budgets and Direct Payments

Hi people,

I have recently joined only just having found this forum,

i am a carer for both my mother and father, previously also my sister before she passed away in 2018.

Both of my parents are due to have a CHC assessment and care support package made up etc, as they need substantial care and support in the home and out and about.

As part of my research into the whole thing i was looking into the possibility of my parents using part of their direct payment to pay a family member to provide some of the care they need, either myself or my sister. it states that u can not be paid for the care u provide unless you are registered as a carer.

my question is, registered as a carer with who and how do u go about it?

Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.

Simple question, not an easy answer. Contact the CUK helpline for a personal confidential answer.

Hi Ashley,

You can email the helpline on

In the meantime, there is more info here;