Person I'm caring for received jury summons

Don’t really know if this should be posted here, but wasn’t sure where else to ask, as I hope someone may have experience.

I’m an unofficial carer for my mum (as I work PT and can’t claim Carers Allowance, but that’s a whole other story), as she has issues with her legs, and can’t leave the house without her wheelchair, which is not one she can control herself, and because of this, public transport is out of the question as well. In addition to this, as she’s been house-bound for the best part of 3 years now, she also gets high anxiety of leaving the house, or being out for long period of time - all undiagnosed as she doesn’t like to talk about her mental health, and our doctors aren’t exactly helpful with this kind of thing either.

This morning, she received a jury summons, and she’s afraid that they’re going to make her go to it, when she has no means of getting there, and her mobility being so limited. I told her to telephone them to explain and complete the form next week, but she’s still extremely anxious right now (as usual, these letters come at the weekend when you can’t contact anyone!), and just wondered if anyone has experience of something like this, and how this may be handled.

She’s in receipt of PIP related to her mobility (I’m not sure of the numbers as I don’t have the paperwork to hand), so not sure if this is something she can mention?

I’m sure it won’t be a problem. I suggest you write to them stating what you’ve stated above and asking for her to be excused jury service permanently. Give them a ring on Monday to put both your minds at rest but this will be routine to the courts. I can’t remember if there’s a form with the summons or if it’s sent after you’ve asked to be excused but it’s a simple form you need to return and that’s it. Being a carer is also a reason to be excused jury service.

Unlike other Government departments, I’ve found the Jury Service to be most reasonable on two previous occasions, so don’t worry.
My Dad was excused permanently for simply having a blue badge while a quick letter from our GP excused my Mum on mental grounds.

They call up more people than needed as they realise not everyone is going to be able to attend, I think the letter can sound threatening, but is more for the “Can’t Be Bothered” crew than genuine cases like your Mum.

I agree with the previous posts; my caree was called for jury service. I rang up to explain and sent off a slip and an explanation. It was fine. Reassure your Mum and sort it out on Monday. I agree, why do these things always arrive Friday pm or the weekend?!


Don’t worry, it won’t be a problem. Just write a letter for mum to sign, explaining why she won’t be able to travel and sit all day etc.

I was excused jury service when I explained that my son had severe learning difficulties and there were no alternative carers available for him.

Thanks everyone! I’ve passed all the information onto her as well and hopefully can update tomorrow with good news

i was sent a letter to attend a court case , though i am in scotland so rules are some what diff.

the letter was nice and polite on page 1 . but when i turned to page 2 i just had an instant panic attack as it was extremely threatening , and in bold underlined lettering told me if i fail to show up i will be fined and possibly sent to court my self …

i called the court i was supposed to attend , and had a very nice woman apologise for the strongly worded letter and assured me that the local courts were looking at re wording to be less frightening.
when asked why do i think i could not attend , she said absolutely no issues what so ever.
just send us a copy of your Carers allowance , Income support , Bank statements that confirm you do get those payments. simply score out ALL other information on your statement from the bank , as it is none of our business.

i sent it all back in and waited a week ,
a week later i got a brown envelope thanking me for contacting them as swiftly as i did , and wished other people would contact them sooner. they were pleased to grant me an exemption for 3 yrs ONLY . after 3 yrs it stated i WOULD have to attend any court case on Jury Summons regardless of being a carer or not :blink: