Pedal exerciser problems

My wife is determined to keep some mobility and try to lose weight. We tried an exercise bike but it wasn’t right, it wade a lot of noise which made our neighbors downstairs complain which in turn made my wife self conscious. We tried a treadmill but she couldn’t manage the incline of it (even though it was only slight.) We tried dance fit but again neighbors complained. So she begged me to get her a little pedal exerciser as they were marketed as low stress and for everyone. It arrived today and she has tried it but it caused her agony in her hips as it brings her knees up too high. She was literally crying while she tried it. I’m so upset for her. It’s knocked her totally back and she’s been shutdown all night.

I cant think of anything else for her. She’s on pain meds as walking hurts her back. We cant afford anymore equiptment I lucky returned the treadmill. We cant do anything strenuous or anything that will make a noise through the floor and she is struggling. She has cut out fizzy drinks and stopped having sugar in her tea but any other food changes are impossible due to her sensory processing disorder. Even the taste between brands sets her autism into meltdown. Im at a loss. The gp wont help. The dietician wouldn’t help just said eat smaller portions which she cant as she doesn’t eat big meals to begin with. Weve had bloodtests done and nothing has flagged up as causing the weight. It could be her tablets not helping but she needs them for her mental health and physical pain levels. How can I help her or get professionals to help her?
She doesn’t deserve this. She has only lost significant weight once in her life, when her ex starved her until she ended up in hospital after dropping from a size 22 to a size 6 and being really poorly. She has days where she wants to starve herself to lose the weight and I’m worried if we can’t find something that works she will get really depressed. She can’t do.daily fasting as her tablets all requires food at various times of the day and she really has done all she can and it’s not helped at all.

Swimming or moving/ exercising in the water is easy on the joints. Pools aren’t open yet but soon will be.


That would only be possible with a private pool of our own. She cant manage crowds at all and although she is a great swimmer previous bullying and fat shaming incidents have left her unable to go to pools

David a lot of pools have quieter sessions. The last 45 mins before closing on a Sunday (tea time) is usually a quiet time at our pool. I take S he has autism. We use the disabled/family changing rooms and he wears earplugs in the pool and changing rooms. Quieter sessions are also a women only session (no good for S obviously!) and some pools run sessions for the disabled which have a tighter limit on numbers.

You may be able to find a private pool, quite a few special schools rent them out etc but you said before you were on a low income, so I don’t think that’s a possibility. Cold water, outdoor swimming is another option and less busy, good for inflammation - but I can’t see your wife enjoying that.

She could do seated exercise at home, they will improve her strength and agility but won’t burn off a lot of calories.

I suspect its a no win situation then David, if she can’t eat less and can’t exercise …


Have a look at the green Goddess exercises. She is 81. I do some ( sometimes!!) You can pick out what you feel you can cope with and tone down if needed. May be worth a look.

It’s so sad that people in her past caused her so much emotional trauma
That it effects her daily life even now. I’ve begged every gp and specialist I can. I know deep down she doesn’t want to give up but when doors slam shut in your face every time it really destroys you. Im so angered by the professionals as they wobtbhekp and autusim support have had her on a waiting list for 3 years ( she had 1 appointment 2 years ago and met her support worker then that lady quit and they missed my wife out in the change over so back on the list) people see mynwife and just assume she is not trying to lose weight but she has literally tried everything.

It is extremely sad David. People shouldn’t assume but unfortunately some do. I see a much bigger person in the mirror than my family and friends do.
My daughter’s never talk weight with their friends. Talking weight causes anxiety. As a yo yo dieter I know that only too well.
Wish I knew how to help. As Melly said, armchair exercise will tone up muscle, which I feel is a start.
I feel for you, struggling to find answers

Thank you for your replies. As a child my wife used to swim every weekend (her nan worked in a special needs college and on Saturday mornings the staff could use the pool) she can swim so well and used to love it. Then when she gained weight she had her head held under the water at the local pool by other teens who called her fat and a whale. Now even thinking about wearing a swimsuit makes her shake, sweat and throw up. It’s real deep-seated trauma. She is so desperate and had tried so many thing, before we met she ate tiny portions and did Zumba every night for an hour and sit ups and press ups but she still gained weight. If she isn’t starved she gains weight and no one wants to know why. They did thyroid testing and blood tests but apparently she should be losing weight fine. It’s a nightmare. Trying to find any dietician that understands autism and sensory processing disorder is a battle in itself. I try to make a point of saying when I’ve noticed her making any healthy choices, not giving in to fizzy drinks as she has always had them etc because I don’t want her to feel like she is on her own and that’s how drs are making her feel.