Paying bills now on lock down

I care for my 82 dad, just had a electric/gas bill from british gas yesterday, paper bill needs to be paid by 1st april i usually goto the post office or a bank and pay there, now the brown stuff as hit the fan and government said we are on lock down from last night, are the banks or post office shut down?
It’s worrying how to pay this bill so we don’t get cut off, any suggestions?

They won’t cut you off that quickly,especially if dad is registered as a vulnerable customer. Why not pay by using telephone banking. Have you considers paying by Direct Debit?

Banks, Post Offices, Pharmacies will still be open, along with shops selling food and essentials - which should include those newsagents who have a small grocery department.

Thank you for the info, i will try and find a post office later and do a small food shopping and then back home.

this is a full list of what shops/services can stay open and which must close