Parking Charge Certificate


Got this charge certificate after I refused to pay a parking charge as my disabled badge was on display I have photographic evidence with a time and date stamp.

Anyway see letter. Anyone been in this situation are they empty threats or do they try to bankrupt you, freeze accounts and tow your car away?

This letter is not from the court its Stirling park who i have no contract with or don’t know if they are a criminal orgnisation who are looking for money.

Stirling Park.

A debt management / collection company

They will be acting as an agent … for whom ?
( Not stated on the particulars received ? )

Recommend identifying the principal … and then surfing into their web site to find out how parking tickets can be disputed ?

It says “on behalf of Glasgow Council”.

Don’t ignore this letter, but don’t pay either, but challenge it.

Have you considered the fact that your number plate may have been “cloned”?

Glasgow Council … parking ticket page :

Penalty Charge Notices - Glasgow City Council

All the work is now done for you … good luck.

have you been back to the carpark to check it is free to park there with a disabled badge? Some carparks aren’t free for disabled anymore. If it’s free for disabled, good luck with your appeal.


Got told best to pay it to set up a payment plan as The council do freeze your bank account and make you bankrupt if you’ve debts elsewhere.

If its a private parking company like at some shopping centres then you can ignore it and it may go on your credit file as a default for 6 years.

Councils are fast tracking cases without the need to hire a court room never mind a proper trial infront of a sheriff officer. My mother was in council tax arrears and in dispute they close it down and fast tracked it and managed to access her income support to take money off it to pay for it outrageous and illegal without her consent or signature its daylight robbery but you cant do anything against it as legislation has been passed on it.