One-off carer for days out

My mother has very advanced parkinsons. She still lives on her own and can walk a little. Trouble is she ‘freezes’ which means she can stop and sometimes not be able to move for up to 15 minutes. Her voice is also very shallow, and difficult to hear. She currently has a scooter to get around town, but lately I have noticed that her judgment of speed and distance is getting poorer. This means she keeps bumping into things - at great speed sometimes!

Although she is relatively independent at the moment, I want to prepare for the future and was wondering if there was such a thing as one-off care that you could book for things like a day out. Taxi drivers treat her terribly as they don’t understand the freezing problem and often just leave her. I’m sure she gets bored and lonely and would like to do more, but ends up relying on me and my sister. We both have full time jobs and so only really get to see her at weekends. Unfortunately she doesn’t have many friends as she moved a few years ago to be nearer us.

I know that she will be incredibly reluctant to engage with care, when the time comes, and I thought this might be a way of her taking ownership. If she could book it for non-essential things now, like any other service, she might just frame it that way when it comes to daily care.

Does anyone know of any agencies that offer this kind of service?

i know that the agency I use for my wife does this sort of thing, they take people shopping or just for a drive or will just sit and chat if that’s what they want.

i can’t believe that others wont do the same, check out those nearest to you.

Open the link below and put in your Mum’s postcode, and don’t forget to check the ratings of whoever comes up.

What area of the country does your mother live?
Is her scooter turned right down. There is usually a rabbit/ hare knob/switch.
Most care agency would offer an hourly/day service. You could try Age UK in your area.

I was going to suggest Age UK as well - they offer a befriending service and I think this would meet your Mum’s needs.

Most home care services offer this, they can accompany you to hospital/doctors appointments, shopping, cleaning.

I have heard of taking carees to football matchs, taking to Bettys a Yorkshire cafe where everyone wants to go, taking to the local snooker hall, Taking Carees Christmas shopping.

You would have to pay the going rate, about 20 pounds an hour.

Having had my ankles rammed by someone on a mobility scooter, when I was already disabled and using a stick, I would question whether your mum is safe to drive it any more? How would you feel if she ran over and injured a child?
How old is mum? Is she still very alert, or is her brain function at all impaired?

Contact adult care at your council, they will come out and do an assessment.