On what basis can a private live in agency withdraw care?

My elderly grandfather was admitted to hospital for a routine operations before he had a bad reaction and health problems came to light. At the time he was discharged, he was done so in the basis he had care at home. A few months later he was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia. He has been doing well aside from some delusional beliefs, but earlier this week, the care agency said that they were giving notice to withdraw their care. This is a private placement and I’m the contract says withdrawal is an ‘unlikely event’ however on what basis can care be withdrawn?
Thanks for your help with this!

They are a business and can withdraw care whenever they like if the give notice. The period of notice should be in the contract.

Thanks Bowling.
Although it definitely seems a bit odd when it is something which is required!

How long ago was he discharged?
Did he have his 6 weeks FREE reablement care?

Now you need to contact Social Services, explain the situation and say that he is a “very vulnerable adult” and needs an URGENT assessment for care, maybe respite care, until such time as they can arrange proper services.

unfortunately they can do this and may well be nothing to do with your Grandfather at all. It could be that the live in workers rostered for your Grandfather are moving on. However, it could also be that his care is getting too much for one person to manage and the agency feel your Grandfather requires two people working together to meet his needs - which would be too costly and difficult to arrange in his own home. Perhaps it is worth asking the agency why they are withdrawing from providing his care.

I agree with BB, he should be receiving free care for the 6 weeks following discharge and a updated needs assessment would be a good idea in the light of his new diagnosis. Lewy bodies is very hard for both the person with it and those caring for them and sadly, your Grandfather’s needs are going to increase.


Ali, how old is your grandad?

We can help you decide what the options are for grandad’s future.

Concentrate on what he needs, not wants. Accept that many people with Lewy Bodies dementia need 24 hour care towards the end of their lives, as their care needs are so high. The need for residential care is not a reflection on you, but the illness.
Are you going to be making decisions about what grandad needs without family support? In the normal order of things, it would be your parents dealing with this, not you.
Are they not able to help?
I apologise in advance if they have passed away and this has upset you, but it’s an important question.
Were you living with grandad?
Social Services will want to do a full financial assessment at some stage.
Does he own his house, or rent it?
Does he have over £23,000 in the bank/savings.
Do you or anyone else have Power of Attorney.