Oh the irony - can't get to Dignitas now!

The travel ban means my wife cannot travel to Switzerland for assisted dying. If the travel ban goes on for too long the worst possible thing will occur for her - she will be incapable of travel and be stuck in the UK subject to being kept alive but unable to do anything for herself.
Unfortunately even if she were to get Corona Virus her condition won’t contribute to helping her die.
Talk about agonising and stressful for both of us…

Please don’t reply with any messages to discourage assisted dying, you’ll get short shrift from her and me.

I wonder how many of those dying are happy to do so. My old folk driver friend says there are many oldies saying ‘I’ve had a good life and there isn’t much left so it doesn’t really matter does it?’

I’ve just discovered a way not to feel too down about Corona Virus, I just read a few posts and understand there are people far worse off than me. Then I realise how tragic that is.

Martin, you won’t get any criticism from me. My poor mum suffered terribly. I cannot imagine how much you wish you were not in this position. A brave man.

Martin, I wouldn’t dream of criticising! I don’t judge situations especially after losing my husband. The long cruel goodbye.
This is one of the worst things I’ve heard about this coronavirus situation. It’s all terrible, but for your wife, it’s taken her decision away.
Others won’t agree, but time for a change of ruling for assisted dying in this country. Really carefully monitored of course.
Admire you for your honesty.