NHS : A New PRICE Menu : Slipped Out Under The Cover Of Brexit ? A Harbinger For What's To Follow?

While Tories distract us with Brexit, the NHS has just slipped out a price list for treatments | Pride's Purge
( At first glance , nothing on the following of concern to carers on my manor … how about the more prosperous areas / carers ? )


**While Tories distract us with Brexit, the NHS has just slipped out its first price list for treatments.

Please don’t say you weren’t warned !**


Because you’ve been warned time and time and time again the Tories are stealthily privatising the NHS.

This doesn’t mean just handing over hospitals and NHS services to private firms.

It means stealthily introducing actual charges to NHS patients at point of need.

This is all totally ignored by the mainstream press of course.

NHS trusts are now so confident they’ll get away with it, they are openly publishing the very first price lists since the formation of the NHS – for NHS operations, NHS procedures and NHS consultations > https://whh.nhs.uk/application/files/2315/4177/7360/WHH_My_Choice_PATIENT_Procedure_and_Price_List_Nov_2018.pdf> .

Drip by drip its looking like Insurance will be pushed forward more.

Love the MY CHOICE heading! Clearly, they ought to have these price lists available to know what to charge those people who aren’t eligible for treatment on the nhs and for accounting. But where exactly are the charges being posted? Did the article say?,

No more available as I type … I suspect a whistleblower !

Link … nothing more through there.

( A Blog by Tom Price … feel free to find out more on him. )

Newspapers tomorrow … if anything more , I will post !

I wonder how the prices compared with those said to be advertised on the dark web ?

Anyone use TOR ???

Nothing about today so far.

I’ll continue to monitor for anything beyond what we already know.

Just seen this. Even if was just for those who choose to pay, those who can’t would end up waiting even longer.


Yep … the logical conclusion.

Why work for the NHS if you can earn more in a private facilty ?

( Like all sectors , those in the NHS who are good at what they do will always attract the attention of
those in the privare sector … virtually the same job … for £ 10 / 20 / 30,000 more per annum ???
Add on shorter command chains and a more flexible budget and … tempting ??? )

Wrong flavour of Brexit … trade deal with the USA … and parts of the NHS NOT on the table ???

Still nothing posted on the Internet beyond this one.