New to the forum - need some tips


My name is Sandra, and soon I’ll probably start helping my mum with caring for my grandfather. The situation however is quite complicated, so I was hoping some of you might be able to give me some tips or point me in the right direction on where to look for them.

Originally, I am not from UK, but I moved here over 5 years ago now, with my mother (don’t have a British citizenship yet though). My mum is working, and I am a full time student, with 1 year of Uni left. Last week, sadly, my grandma passed away, which means that someone needs to take care of my 90 year old grandpa. They lived in my home country (one of the EU countries), but none of our family that’s there can or want to care for grandpa, so we’d want to take him to UK with us, as he’s not fit enough to take care of himself and often needs help with basic activities (taking a shower, making food etc).

That poses a number of questions for me though. Will my grandpa be able to access NHS care normally, moving at this age? Will we be able to get any financial help, if the need is? I’ve seen you can get benefits, but would my mum be able to access it, if she speaks only basic English? (she tries to learn, but isn’t as young herself, so it takes here a lot of effort). Of course, I’m here and can do any translations needed, but would we be even allowed any help, if grandpa is just moving to UK now?

Quite honestly, I’m just really lost at the moment. I feel like I’m in very specific situation and don’t even know what to Google or who to talk to to find any answers. All and any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you and I hope you all have a good day.

These two website may be of use: