New Joiner..cancer with dementia

Hi… I’m new to forums but decided it’s time I reached out a little.
I help to support my mum and stepdad. Mum has terminal breast cancer, is on chemo tablets with blood tests and consultant apts every 2 weeks with scans in between. It’s been 17 months since diagnosis and I’ve gone from waiting for the worst to realising we need to live and cherish each day.
Mum also has memory problems although hasn’t been officially diagnosed with dementia. She recently had a fall but thankfully not broken any bones. Mum needs her dressing changed regularly and just recently we’ve managed to arrange for a nurse to come out and change it. My stepdad has been doing a great job but he’s also 82 and had a heart valve replacement a couple of years ago. I do as much as I can helping with shopping and driving them to appointments etc in between working full time.
Is there somewhere that can help with advice for caring for someone with both cancer and dementia together…or is it separate charities I’d need to reach out to?
Is getting power of attorney recommended?? Many thanks

Hi Karen - welcome aboard!

My Mum has dementia, and we managed to convince her to agree to POA just in time, after several years of trying. A few months later and she’d not have had capacity. Power of Attorney is really useful, and I’d recommend going for it as quickly as possible: if you leave it too late, you can apply for Deputyship under the Court of Protection, but that’s more complicated, with more hoops to jump through and it’s more costly.

Thanks for your help I’ll look into this straight away