My mother is better, now I feel a tremendous amount of guilt

Hi, I’m a new member to the form.

My mother (53) was diagnosed with cancer in march last year, she started treatment in April and I stayed in with her in May. It was meant to be for three weeks and I stayed for seven, I live an hour away from her usually. I was he primary carer when she was unwell, giving her all her meds through an Ng tube. She had he all clear in September and has had a clear 3 month scan since then and she’s back in work.
When my mother was sick I had to manage now she’s in recovery. I’ve been really sad (I wouldn’t sad I’m depressed). feel like I’m mostly holding it together but I feel like Im missing something and I should be doing more.
She and I went through so much together, she’s going to therapy now and need to talk about things which I will do. But I don’t feel like I can talk to her about me cause it will upset her (but she’s the only person I want to talk to)
I’m very confused


First and foremost she is your Mum. I would talk to her about how you feel. She’ll probably be glad you aren’t ‘bottling it up’ and glad to do something for you after all the help you have given her.