Moving nursing hom across counties, how long should it take?


I have been waiting for weeks to get my Dad moved from one nursing home to another in another county. I found one near to me [daughter] and they have held on to the room for 11 weeks now. The county council keep saying it will happen soon but I am losing faith in them.

Dad fell 10 days ago in his nursing home, and has a broken hip and wrist. He is now in hospital and they have said he is ‘fit to go’ and blocking up a bed. I cleared out his room at his old nursing home as assumed he would be in for weeks again like before when he fell and broke his other hip.

Social worker not returning my calls and his new home are obviously frustrated and I feel could withdraw the room at any time. Leaving Dad with no nursing home.
My stress levels are through the roof as I am still driving back and forth to see him from where I live 2 hours away. Who do I need to speak to to try and help my Dad and just get him moved? The nurse said today that the longer he stays the more at risk he is of getting an infection and he is better off out of hospital.

Tell the hospital why he is still there, and ask THEM to sort it out with Social Services.

Thanks BowlingBun,

I have told them and the nurse is trying to sort it all and is constantly contacting the social worker. It just feels like no-one wants what is best for him, it’s all about money.

I am starting to see how sick people just end up as ‘pawns in a game’. It’s very depressing.

How serious are dad’s care needs?
Has he had an NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment?
If not, ask the hospital to get on and arrange it as soon as possible, it’s a 2 stage process, if he passes the “checklist assessment” then there will be a more detailed assessment.
It can be a postcode lottery I’m afraid, but if he qualifies, the NHS pays for ALL his care needs. At this stage, Social Services are no longer involved.
I suspect it’s the boundary issues, and which authority pays, that is the stumbling block.

If you look at the “Statutory Guidance for the 2014 Care Act” online, I remember there is a specific section deaing with boundary issues.

Boundary Issues … Pages 279 - 316 :
CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare ?

Feel more like a traffic warden lately ?

Thank you to both of you, I appreciate your time in answering me.

Dad didn’t qualify for CHC 6 months ago but gets the nursing element instead. I am going to ask for another assessment once he is in his new home as he is a fair bit weaker now. His needs are definitely medical and not social, but I know how hard it is to qualify.

Your welcome.

Whole section on being refused first time around.

Medical / nursing / caring needs ?

Dovetails nicely into the main GREEN PAPER : SOCIAL CARE thread wherein all is discussed,

My analogy of a cancer patient with dementia shows just how inconsistent present policy is in dealing with " Mixed " conditions.