Most hurtful thing your partner with BPD has said?

Hi all,

My partner has been struggling a lot recently with psychotic like symptoms (hallucinations and voices). Mental health service are just awful with their support.

Any way, he came to me today talking about how alone he is, how he doesn’t have a family and all families have abandoned him. That one day he hopes to move to another country alone, go out enough to meet some friends and make them his family and only then will he be happy.

I can hear his pain, but it doesn’t stop mine. Of all the hurtful things said, those always hurt me the most because I’m nothing. All the love, support and time I give means nothing - I’ve become such a constant that I’m invisible, just a moment in time until he makes a group of friends who he can call family. Obviously I can’t take it personally, but I don’t know how I can’t.

Any one else want to share their experiences?


Hello Elanor
My circumstances are different to yours as my lovely now late husband had vascular dementia ,suffered strokes, and had other health issues.
I can however, understand your pain. Before hubby was diagnosed, he had delirium in hospital. I had phone call after phone call, of him accusing me of all sorts. Painful, hurtful things, that I now know was not him, but delirium, and dementia. Still haunt me at times. We were soulmates in many ways.
We have a lovely forumee Mrs Average, who always says she will send a teflon coating, so these hurtful, comments, slip off you.l will send it on her behalf.
Also sending a ((( hug)) as I don’t know very much about mental health issues, but can feel your pain.
Others will be along soon.

Thank you for your comment, I’m sorry to hear about your experiences. Thank you for sharing that, it is hard when you love someone.

Thank you again