Mobile App - care home advice from you please

Please can you help me?

We would love to build an app for care homes, but would love your advice?

We are a long established mobile app company based in the UK. (Mobile Rocket)

We build apps for schools, gyms, healthcare recruiters and many other companies

As a carehome, what would you like to see in an app?

We thought of the following:

Carehomes can send out push notifications to residents families / updating them on the carehome / events etc.

families can check on updates of family members

It could also be a way of drawing in new people.

What would you like to see in a mobile app.

I would love to have your feedback

Thanks in advance


Hello Kevin

please be advised that this Forum is for those caring for family and/or friends in a non-professional, unpaid capacity and not aimed at professionals in the Care industry (although some of our members have ‘a foot in both camps’ - working as Care Assistants whilst also caring for family members).

I regret, therefore, that we are probably unable to help with any meaningful suggestions.

Forum Moderator