Mental health

Has anyone been in a situation where their not happy with the support worker caring for their son/ daughter. I have concerns about my sons support worker that his not a good genuine person. I have done some research on him too that is concerning. I have expressed my concerns to his manager who assured me he is a good support worker.
Ive asked to have him removed from my sons care . The trouble is my son has the mental capacity to make his own decisions.

I would like to tell the managers about what I have read but not sure I can also I don’t want to cause more stress on my son .
Any advice would be appreciated


Hello and welcome!

No but this is a common occurrence on this forum. Can you hire another care provider or not? If your son has been formally evaluated for mental capacity and is judged to be sound of mind, why not ask him what he wants? Help him to make good choices. Tell him all the facts as well. Email the manager with your concerns. Or ask for a meeting to discuss everything.

I don’t quite understand the support worker but in a previous role, I used to be a support worker with young people. The initial letter the young person received said “if you are not happy with any part of the service, please contact my manager on 01234 567890”.

There should be a complaints or comments procedure.

I don’t think the manager can dust off your issues and not let your family member have someone else to support them. They have to take it seriously.

Are your concerns …

A safeguarding issue…

Do you think you son is at risk.

Or is there something that goes against you principles.

All support workers should have a police check. Used to be called a CRB check but name changed recently. Was this done?

DBS, ( disclosure and barring service).