Mental health failings cost my son his life

Hi my name is Melanie.
I have been campaigning for changes and answers these last 7 years , since my sons death within 7 days of entering a mental health unit in Essex.

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My webpage with lots more info here.

I’m fighting now for a public inquiry

The government can say that these failings are a local issue, but I feel that findings from a public inquiry into my son’s death and this Trust will have serious ramifications for other mental health trusts nationwide.
We must learn from history to put an end to this miserable sequence of systemic errors in the mental health system and subsequently expose them though a public inquiry. Once uncovered it must be ensured that any recommendations made are fully and swiftly implemented.

Hi Melanie,

Welcome to the forum. I’m very sorry to learn of your the loss of your son in such tragic circumstances.

I have tweaked your youtube URL and that now works, however the website link still isn’t working. Could you try posting it again?


I have found it but it’s not allowing access at the moment.