Loss of taste - should I presume its her dementia?

I suppose you would class me as an experienced carer in that I have looked after my elderley grandparents and parents for over 30 years. They all loved into their 90’s and 100’s. When my dad died my mum became depressed so we moved her in with us by converting the garage and overall its been a success. She has very mild dementia akin to forgetting recently events.

She is now 98 and 3 weeks ago we think sprained her back or neck and it knocked her for 6, not sleeping, eating or drinking. She is now drinking and eating again but has two big problems. She is in AF and has been for a long time but since her injury she seems to panic and get breathless and along with that seems to have lost her taste for food. She says she is hungry but she says everything tastes like sawdust and when it reaches the back of her throat she says sometimes struggles to swallow.

She eats fine yoghurt, trifles, rice pudding, tea, coffee and scrambled egg but just about tastes them.

Does this have to be associated with her mild dementia suddenly within weeks getting worse and affecting her taste receptors or could it be something physical which I should ask my doctor about…cheers

Hi Peter,

Dementia can affect sense of taste but as it can also be a symptom of Covid - I think I’d want to rule that out.