Locked bedroom doors


I would like to learn from the forum how they view locks on bedroom doors and the person being cared for having the key. Our situation is not violent or dangerous - but a young adult on being given a key has locked themselves in and will not speak, coming out to eat etc only when the house is empty or I am asleep.

Interested in experience, views, advice. Thanks.

Then you must take the lock out. It is NOT safe for anyone to be locked in, especially at night, in case of fire.
What age is the person concerned? Diagnosis?

Hi thanks for this prompt response. I am concerned about confidentiality so don’t want to say too much - a 24 year old with social anxiety, probable depression, a very problematic identity issue.

If your “real” name is Ellis, change it to something different.

I don’t have much experience of mental health issues, but others will be along presently with good advice.

Thank you.