Local authority saying I had no right or have missed use DLA

I am a foster carer and have been caring for a young person over the past 3 years - the child has just left and social services are demanding her DLA which I spent on her care and care needs over the time I had her - brought lots of extra things - paid for extra support etc ? Can they demand this when I was the appointee and they clearly know what I spent the dla on

They should have done a financial assessment before she moved in with you, or soon after. If they didn’t, that’s their fault, not yours.

No they did not do that - I just used the money as I felt was best for the child extras they needed - filling the days as only in part time education


Social care are not right. What do they want to do with the money?

The DLA is meant to spent on the child - care needs, special items they need etc When I fostered S I was also told to spend it on making life easier e.g. help with cleaning etc as a child with special needs requires a higher level of support than a child without.

Do you belong to the Fostering Network? I would contact their helpline for advice.


Yes I do I will call them tomorrow for advice thank you - I have explained all of this to them and they are not interested - the child was only in education 3 days a week -
They are saying the want receipts for everything going back 3 years how can we do that and why ? £54 per week and they saying we have had £6000 every week for 6 months we paid support worker to take them out doing things they liked or wanted to learn - so many things - I contacted department for work and pensions and they have said it’s not they job to tell me how to spend it if they think we have done wrong to make a official complaint ?

they saying we have had £6000 every week for 6 months

That’s crazy! Where have they got that figure from? Ask them for evidence that you have received that amount. Your membership with Fostering Network should include free legal advice, they should be able to advise/ write a stiff letter to the LA.

Did you employ a PA to take her out or go through an agency?


Make a “Subject Access Request” to the LA. Ask for copies of EVERYTHING they have on record about you since this fostering started. You should be able to do it online, through the LA’s website.

Yes we paid a support worker who is self employed - £10 per hour plus expenses out for about 4-7 hours a time - not just that we put so many incentives in place as this young person had not been or had not stuck at any education for past 7 years - we found a private small education place organised a individual package and then fought for that - they have had 100 percent attendance 3 days a week for past 2 years - a constant battle to keep funding - ADHD although I felt was a lot of trauma based problems - and everyone said you doing great job until I gave notice on placement now all this - I will ask for this information -thank you

This is the most suitable advice I think she have. She have to do this as this is the easiest way she can use.

As a thumb of rule always have any benefit you receive for a child. Written in to the child care plans/reviews and the expectations of use with the LA. And duplicate that information in to your own dairy. And/or foster carer reviews etc.

Some LA have different rules expectations how this is administered. Regardless even in your own name. You will need to check in your foster carers handbook etc. I always got signatures from supervising social workers. As social workers and their managers move/change on a regular basis. Additionally, I would have logged the types of information. You have stated you spend the money on.

Don’t concern yourself about it. If you were uninformed on the way to use the benefit. It’s not your fault it’s the responsibility of the supervising social worker. And the LA to have written policies on it’s use.