Links on law for lifting

Can someone give me a link on the guide for carers, etc to lift a patient in and out of a wheelchair etc or not as there is a law now that they cannot lift the patient.
Many thanks.

Paid carers ?
Health and Safety Act 1974 … provisions thereof :

What is the Health and Safety at Work Act? | WorkSmart: The career coach that works for everyone

( Some would say " 45 years worth of the b******* obvious ! " )

For once , there should NOT be a post code lottery in their interpretation.

Family / kinship carers ?

Are NOT covered by said Act … more a case of trail and error / common sense … for example , 8 stone carer , 16 stone caree.

There is guidance out there for family carers … " How to do XYZ " … a SEARCH of the Internet will reveal.

In addition . most gp surgeries … just ask … most are only too willing.

You Tube … if you prefer videos , why not search for , say , wheelchair lifting ???

During my ten year stretch … as a lone carer … wheelchairs / lifting … I probably broke every rule in the book but … we coped without damage to my caree … oh , mustn’t forget … me … beyond my pride.

Fitting a V8 when pushing a caree in a wheelchair uphill would also come in handy ?

Thanks Chris for this, most helpful.

Your welcome.

Forgot to add … caree in a wheelchair … Veyron type carbon fibre brakes when going downhill ?

And … no hitching a free lift on the back when doing so … tempting as that may be !