Lincolnshire carer. Amputee

Hey everyone I’m new to the forum and still haven’t managed to work out how to upload a photo. It would be great to talk to people in my area and maybe get a few advice and pointers of what’s available? So life as a carer went from stilettos and worrying if my eyeliner Was slightly wonky to did I brush my hair and I don’t know how I’m going to have enough hours on the day/being a crazy bag lady.
I am and have been a carer for an amputee above the knee for a couple of years now, and my gosh the struggles we have had to endure involving advice and support is little. Due to being between Nottingham and Lincolnshire the treatment and care seems minimal unless you have zombie illions of pounds… The frustrating part is die to an ill fitting socket so the limb won’t attach. For 2 years now we have pleded with the process and physioamd still she cant walk properly and we aren’t being heard. The woman also turns out to be my mother, so just take a moment to imagine the thought of do I have to pick her up off the floor and wipe her tears when she is pleading with me and asking why isn’t she being heard. She’s now a grandmother and my gosh I can’t begin to express how great it would be just being able to walk on an MPK leg that fits.

Hi Chloe,

Welcome to the forum. Can you give us a bit more information.

How old are you, your mum, and your child?
Where do you live?
What happened to mum to need an amputation?
When did this happen?

Under NO circumstances should you pick mum up from the floor. Call an ambulance. Then they will have a word with the doctor, and this might just get things moving more quickly.

(I’ll be back later, babysitting my grandson today)

Are you not attending an NHS artificial limbs and appliances centre? been taking one of my carees for years there.

Hello Chloe

I’m so sorry to hear about your situation, it sounds very stressful.

I see that sunnydisposition has posted a link to your local support groups and services, it’s definitely a good idea to contact them and find some peer and practical support for yourself at this time.

Best wishes