Life in a Care Home Living Room

I’m sure most people know this situation, when I visit Mum I always go out my way to talk to three other ladies who are Mum’s friends…

Today a new lady was introduced who continually called me for help and asking for her Dog…the Nurse made the mistake of leaving the TV remote on her table which she continually banged against the table until my Mum screamed at her to stop.

The poor Lady next to Mum just tried to sleep, while the two who are mobile left. This went on for nearly an hour without a carer in sight. She then tried to get up on numerous occasions without aid, but thankfully couldn’t make it up.

In the end I got up and fetched a drink for Mum and her remaining friend, they were so grateful to the point Mum asked me to fetch her another.

At this point the new lady had toppled her table while complaining about it landing on her foot while begging for a drink, I chose not to help as it wasn’t my job.


Sounds like the title for your first book or a newspaper column!

Oh I understand this so well! DD2 encouraged hubby back to his room when she visited yesterday. (He has to be watched when eating now, because of choking risks. She did that because one of the residents was in one of her screaming really frustrated episodes. Poor lady but it is so alarming for everyone. Even after 3 years I walk in with a tummy knot, wondering why its going to be like. This includes Hubby’s moods! 3 years of watching him decline, and others. No alternative.

Thank you Pet, at least someone got it.

It’s amazing how a new disruptive influence can bring down the demeanour of existing residents.

I’ve never seen my Mum get aggressive with another resident before, but they were swearing at each other. Which I found upsetting, I told Mum to calm down, that if she shouted back she was no better, luckily Mum listened.

I normally wouldn’t visit on a Thursday, but I plan to just to see how Mum and the others are getting on. If Mum and the others are still locked in a room with the same Woman I’ll complain.