Lack of support for carers in general and especially during

Hi all.
I am new to this site but wanted to advise i have been liaising with Healthwatch, my local MP and have also emailed both the DWP minister and Chancellor too regarding the lack of support, poor carers allowance rates and that carers seem to have been omitted in rhe main during covid talks re additional financial support for businesses, self employed, mortgages, minimum wage and universal credit recipients…etc
Does anyone know of any campaigns regarding this or have any ideas how I can progress in a different direction please?? Its well overdue that carers are recognised and rewarded for what they do and I feel now is the time to review this…

Hi & welcome Paula

I applaud you for wanted to raise awareness of unpaid carers. There has been lots of work passed and present.

I think you will find most if not all avenues have been tried. In highlighting these ongoing issues

The Government do not want to change anything to do with carers allowance. And expect carers who need extra financial assistance to access the benefit system. They are keen that Universal Credit is accessed.

According to my MP all parties agree that carers allowance should stay as it is.
There are to many small petitions.
If the people who could change things ( carers UK ) united all these petitions we would have a chance but they are not interested.
They keep saying that they have the support of many large groups but refuses to use it to help in a fight for a fairer deal for carers.

Carers themselves are as much to blame as anyone. 100,000 signatures are required for a Parliamentary debate on a petition.

There are an estimated 7 million of us: how many petitions have failed to reach 100,000 signatures?

Just about every one that I’ve seen and signed.

It’s obvious that these petitions need to be promoted more aggressively, and that is surely something that Carers UK could help facilitate.

What is needed is an overahaull of the whole social care system…

Better pay for support workers.
More recognition
More training

Respite for carers

It’s not just about money.

I think carers are so bogged down with day to day caring they don’t believe anything will change.

With conservatives in power I don’t believe things will change

Well said Cloudygal. The constant daily caring battle itself and the lack of hope brought with this is too frustrating to believe in change, particularly with the Conservatives in.


It is sad to think that is the case.

I did hear that Boris has promised something on Social Care by the end of the year, can’t remember details…but whatever it is it won’t be enough.

Reform has been delayed for so long, it may just get pushed to one side.

I myself have recently experienced first hand the problems with Social Care and staffing.

I hope you are ok David.

Thanks for your kind wishes Cloudygal. All the best to you too.