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Hi everyone, my name is Mark (I guess you guessed that!) and I am a full-time Carer for my disabled partner Elizabeth. When I’m not wearing my Carer’s hat I work as a historian and occasional speaker, though am now officially semi-retired. I am also into spiritual research and comparative religion and am trying my hand at meditation. I enjoy a wide range of interests, and am a good cook (worked for years in the hotel business). I love animals and have two Siberian Forest cats. I’ve been a Carer now for nine years, but due to my partner’s disability the role has become more full-on. She is a talented watercolourist and we support each other in our different interests. I also love old classic comedies (anything with Ronnie Barker!) and a variety of music from grand opera to country and western. I enjoy hearing other people’s stories and sharing hints and tips on Caring. As we all know, it’s easy to get ‘burn-out’.

Hello Mark and welcome. I am also a part time kinship carer for my little brother who is three now. My interests include crochet, sewing, beadwork and anything to do with exercise. I work as a freelance massage therapist. When not at work I am either sleeping, reading or out with friends at a concert etc. I also love getting out of my flat.
What is the nature of your wife’s impairment? Is it a physical disability or not? Have you looked at getting additional support for her? A needs assessment is the first part of the process. A social worker can assist you.

Kinship carers ?

A thread which will be of an advantage to you in that role :



Really lovely to meet you. I am carer for my Mum and until recently my Dad. Dad had a rare neurological condition and died this year in a nursing home. Mum now has dementia. But lives at home with help. I also have 2 primary aged children and an insane dog who keep me busy.

I work part time, and I am lucky enough for this to be flexible and mainly from home. When I am not working or caring I am running the kids to their various sporting activities, walking the dog in the countryside which is the only exercise I get! I love reading, history, current affairs and would like to get more creative and do some drawing or writing, but can’t seem to find the time!

Hi Mark

Welcome from me too.

I am the carer of my 80 year old husband.

I LOVE Siberian cats and always admire them on the showbench. I think they are very similar to my breed temperment wise. I show and very occasionally breed Norwegian Forest Cats.

I totally agree about keeping YOUR interests alive. I chair a Book Club and although this is an evening monthly event, it seems to have developed into a bi monthly Coffee and Cakes for our older members who cannot always make the evening meeting. I also am a member of my local Rotary.

Caring is very isolating and I think all of us need support and hopefully to lend a sympathetic non judgmental ear when needed - this Forum has truly been a life saver for me.

Hey Mark, I am Andrew. I love Siberians cats. I had one which I gifted to my disabled nephew. I work as a freelance content writer. I love to enjoy classic music, The Swan is my favourite.

HI Mark, welcome to the forum. I’m glad you can both enjoy some things together.