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I’m Simone -my mother, went into a nursing home 5 years ago after a broken hip ;after which, she did not want to walk by herself. In the hospital, we were told she advancing dementia and a derivative of Parkinson’s. It’s been very hard for her and us being away from her family, her routines and the ability to walk.She’s on quite a bit of medication which we’ve since adjusted. I have a few questions which I will ask in the forum.

Hi Simone… and welcome.

Fire away … the forum is yours.

Mother ?

I assume in England ?

Stay in hospital … was the discharge handled according to the book ?

Being discharged from hospital - NHS

Is she on the radar of AGE UK ?


Does she reside in her own home … or a care / nursing home ?

What outside support does she get ?

Hi Simone,
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There is a wealth of expertise on here, so ask away. If we don’t the answers, we will signpost you to information.