Jigsaw Puzzles.

My mum and dad who both had dementia moved in with us 3 years ago. When mum first came she could do 300 piece jigsaws over a week or so. Now she still likes to do puzzles but can only do ones that have pieces ranging from 8 to 24 and large pieces. The trouble I’m having is that they are all very childish . Puzzles that are specifically for people with dementia tend to be alot more than childrens ones.Mum still gets a lovely sense of accomplishment out of being able to complete small puzzles. I just wondered if anyone knew where I could get normal puzzles with less pieces for adults?

I expect you’ve already had a browse on Amazon ?

I’ve just had a look (refined my search to less than 99 pieces and up to £15) and did find some around the £10 mark. I’d also suggest contacting your local ranch of the Alzheimer’s Society and see if they run an “informal” jigsaw library (you could also try your local Library - libraries lend out so much more than just books these days !)

Do I guess you’ve seen these …

35 Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles for Dementia & Alzheimer's Slightly over and a bit pricey

Have a scan through these ebay pages

Thank you for your suggestions. I will be checking them out :blush: