I’m 18 and still in college and I’m struggling with social isolation within college.

Has anyone been through anything similar before and got any tips to help me?

Ask your tutor for help. They might be able to recommend a club you can join. Are you in work or not?

Hi Abi
I know how you feel.
I guess you started college in September - so well done for getting this far. What are you studying?
When you’re in class look around to see if there is someone else who seems alone and then when you get the chance go up to her and ask how she’s getting on or ask her about the lesson or anything. The worse that can happen is they may not be interested. But hopefully they will be pleased to get to know you.
I’m sure as the term goes on your make some friends.

Yes, you have to make the first move. Talk to them about them and not too
much, me, me, me.
Folk like to hear others take an interest in them. It’s the
way we are all wired. :slight_smile:

There will be peer buddy system within collage.

What is a Peer Buddy? Being a peer buddy provides a chance for students with and without disabilities to work together in inclusive educational settings. Being a peer buddy increases access for students with disabilities.

You could also apply to be a peer buddy which would also be good on your CV.

Thank you for all your advice. I have made the first move and speak to wellbeing team as my tutor is on leave and by the end of next week myself and the people who arent talking to me will have a sit down face to face all controlled by staff so that everyone is heard - I’m dreading it.

We dont have a peer buddy scheme here … my college dont even recognize the work carers do either until now.

Has anyone got any tips to help me for when I have this sit down meeting? I’m not going in with high hopes.

I study music and yeah I started back in 2017.

My class is small and when there 2 people off it’s just myself and the 2 who have isolated me. I ended up walking out of a lesson this morning and hiding in the library all day. Done 3 assignments.

Hi Abi
Try to see ithe meeting as a positive experience. You’ve done the difficult bit - telling the wellbeing team what’s happening. It’s the other 2 people in the class who should feel worried, not you.
Hopefully this meeting will sort things out so that you don’t feel left out anymore.
Let us know how you get on.
Years ago I used to work as a support worker in a school and at lunchtime I couldn’t face being with my colleagues every day so I used to go and sit in my car to eat!

How are you today?

Hi Abi …

You mention in your second post that “my college dont even recognize the work carers do either until now”. Do I take it that you have some caring duties? Is it perhaps this that means that you can’t fully involve yourself in college life?

Would you like to tell us more. Apologies if I have totally misinterpreted your post.

Sat down with the people who was isolating me and there has been a bit of a change and they “will” start including me more in lessons - see how long it will last. Only if things change in a practical lesson that is all that matters at the moment.

Pennie yes I do have caring duties - I’m a mental health carer for my mum. I do try really hard to communicate with people actually but a friendship and communication works 2 ways.

I am pleased that the other students are making an effort to include you during lessons. It’s possible that they hadn’t realised how you felt. Hopefully this will continue.
Well done, Abi for sorting this out.