Introducing myself to the community

Dear Community Members, :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I would like to a warm hello and introduce myself to the community members and thank the community members in Carers UK.

I am a registered carer for both my parents since 2018 and also campaign and volunteer to raise awareness and support for unpaid carers including increasing the carers allowance.

I also do some writing in my time and have published books for children and adults. My caring experiences are very much an influence on my writing.

Thank You

Dave Gregson

Hi David, welcome to the forum.
Are you getting enough support with caring for your parents?

Hello Dave

You have your hands full with two parents, writing and campaigning.

I care for my elderly mother and all her conditions and all that comes with it.

Hi David - welcome aboard!

I don’t want to start a new topic yet, I’m new here, and sometimes I need support. I care for my grandma, it can be hard…

Hi Cassy, welcome to the forum. Have you been left to care for Grandma alone?
How can we help?
(I always worry about young carers missing out on a special time of their lives.)

Hi Cassy, and welcome.