Introducing me and IDIACTA

hi my name is Stephen am 62 years old and my partner has a degenerative back condition requiring a walking aid i have many interests reading, writing, and good food and restaurants.
my reason for joining the forum is to see what other frustrations carers encounter on a day to day basis. Recently returning from a holiday where the service and accommodation were excellent in respect of my partners difficulties the polar opposite to some horrendous experiences, and failed promises or pure misrepresentation advertising.
taking the bull by the horns i have launched a project a website for disabled people where they and there carers can share their experiences good and bad and maybe offer some experiential advice to businesses on how they can improve the services on behalf of the disabled community. the website is opinions welcomed

Hi Stephen, that’s a really good idea. Hope it goes well. Keep us posted.

Hi and
thank you. i am sure you understand its more important that you can get your wheelchair or gain access to a lavatory with a walking frame rather than how many flavours of ice cream are available. and that is the guiding principle
thanks for you support

I was badly injured in a car accident some years ago, went from walking 15 miles a day sometimes, to being in terrible pain walking 15 steps, so I understand only too well. Fortunately, I had two knee replacements a few years later, so I can now walk fairly well.
My mum had terrible back problems, very bent, but she didn’t have osteoporosis, but something called hyperostosis.

information is power absolutely if you like the site or have any comments get involved will be starting a forum soon you may wantto ask your specific questions

regards steve

One of my biggest beefs with accessible restaurants is that it’s all well and good getting a wheelchair inside, but often the undercarriage of the actual tables makes them inaccessible to even a basic manual wheelchair, some of the large electric ones would be even worse.

Shops with clutter in the aisles, or just displays that are too close together to allow for the easy passage of a wheelchair, even the larger shops such as M&S are frequently guilty of this.

…and don’t get me started on Hospital Appointments at unsuitable times, I’ve recently embarked on my own campaign to try and solve this, at least for myself, possibly for everyone at some time in the future, (I have a simple solution in mind, just need to get it to the attention of someone who cares/matters):-

AJAY you are not in a minority IDIACTA does recognise these issues check out the website and get involved air your grievances. post your comments sometimes shame is the name of the game. i look forward to hearing from you