I am a 35 years old woman who seem to feel so lonely. Is so wrong for me want to be close to someone. I been caring for me mom for four years now and haven’t been on date for long while. I feel a loss of connection to a man.

I loss friends and dont go anywhere there no connection to the world. When I look in mirror I dont see me anymore.

Not wrong at all, Natalie.

Do you get out of the house at all?

What sort of care does your Mom need?


Oh, Natalie, I’m so sorry you’re feeling alone. You should not feel guilty about wanting to have a life that is not completely intertwined with your mother’s care. I remember this feeling well, when I looked after my father years ago. Please don’t lose yourself - try to make small steps for now, decisions that are just for you. Even if it’s just to get out for a short while (at first) to sit in the fresh air in a park, or wander through shops. It can feel very isolating to be a carer, and if you begin reintroducing your own space away from your mother’s care, you may begin to feel like you can take bigger steps with socialising.

Hugs to you. xx

Natalie, tell us more about mum and we may be able to help.


Thank you all for your understanding. I care for her on full time and I’m the only child she’s got so there no other siblings. I cook, wash, manage budget like paying Bill’s and shopping, she had a fall over four years ago never been the same. The occupational therapist given her walking stick to help with balance, bath lift it many her physical needs. I always with her just lost touch with the world and closeness of someone.

I don’t really go much I don’t know where to start. I’ve lost so much confidence